The Interior District of California & Nevada encompasses more than sixty-five churches that range from the Inland Empire, the Coachella Valley, the Antelope Valley and the State of Nevada.

District Office:
4268 Riverfield Ct. Riverside, CA 92505
(760) 342-4199

IDCN Bishop Luciano M. Montes

Bishop Luciano M. Montes
District Supervisor

IDCN Secretary

Elder Israel Carlos
District Secretary

IDCN Treasurer

Pastor Eliseo Ramirez
District Treasurer

Sector Elders

Sector 1 Elder Josué Cristobal

Elder Josué Cristóbal
Sector 1

Sector 2 Elder Severo Leon

Elder Severo Leon
Sector 2

Sector 3 Elder Jimmy Garcia

Elder Jimmy Garcia
Sector 3

Sector 4 Elder Lorenzo Hernandez

Elder Lorenzo Hernandez
Sector 4

Sector 5 Elder Felipe Bracamontes

Elder Felipe Bracamontes
Sector 5